The Little Town of Aktacha

Trip to Shusha

The Little Town of Aktacha

Trip to Shusha (Armenia) is not a holiday but a memorable experience for the whole family. Located in the northern region of Iran, Shusha is a resort town on the shores of the beautiful Azer river. The most attractive thing about Shusha is its apple orchards. They are world renowned and offer the best apple harvest in the country. Every year around thousand and hundreds of tourists from all over the world come to visit the apple orchards and enjoy the delicious apple pie during their trip to Shusha.

Travel to Shushushaya is a combination of travel and sightseeing. This beautiful and charming resort situated on the banks of the great Azer River is an apple orchid haven. Thousands of Azerbaijanis gather at this idyllic resort every year to enjoy apple orchards and to buy apples from all around the world. Once in a while you can also watch the bazaar, learn about the history of the resort and visit the baths or the sauna. A stay at Shushaya is a great opportunity to explore the rich culture and traditions of Azerian people.

The second most popular destination on a Trip to Shusha is the Nagorno-Kabakh region of the former Soviet Union. Nestled between Georgia and the Caspian sea, this region has a unique and picturesque beauty. It was here that the first Olympics ever took place in 1988. The aim of organizing such a prestigious sporting event was to increase the level of tourism in the region. This resulted in the growth of a number of hotels and guest houses in the region, thus increasing the visitors and foreign tourists’ interest in this region. The most popular tourist attractions in the Nagorno-Kabakh region of Trip to Shusha are the village of Dovski, the old city of Shushan, the foothills of the Dolgozu Mountains and the burial sites of different high personalities.

The third and last destination on a Trip to Shusha is the spectacularly beautiful and captivating Bokhara, the capital of the Azerbaijan autonomous region. Bokhara had for many centuries been one of the most important centres of learning and culture in the entire Azerbaijan region. Its numerous museums, art theatres, monuments and temples and the imposing zenith of an imposing mountain – the Askigian – are a delight to the eyes. The unforgettable experience of sightseeing in Bokhara is complemented by a trip to one of its many barbeque restaurants.

A few hours drive from Shusha is the charming little town of Aktacha. Here you will be able to buy delicious Azeriyan food and visit one of the most unique and well preserved frescoes in the world – the Aktacha Grotto. This grotto is set in the side of an old persimmon tree and was discovered by the local Aussian climbers in 1992. The Grotto has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and Aseelpol, the Georgian country park director.

Travel to Shusha and take back some amazing memories of your amazing stay in Karabakh. In fact, the lovely little town of Aktacha (populated by Aseelpashis) has been described as a miniature point of focus and is the perfect place to begin an enjoyable trip to Karabakh. With so much more to see and do in and around the once beautiful old capital of Karabakh, a trip to Shusha is an absolute must for anyone interested in the history and culture of this spectacular republic.