Enjoy Your Trip to Evrychou

Trip to Evrychou

Enjoy Your Trip to Evrychou

A trip to EVRYCHOU is a holiday of a lifetime! Located on the southwest side of Cyprus the Island of Cyprus is endowed with an abundance of natural beauty, unspoiled beaches and the warm Mediterranean Ocean. This coastal country also provides its visitors with a number of relaxing activities that they can partake in during their stay in this picturesque destination. Some of the most popular ones are water sports, visiting the archaeological sites and the ancient city of Larnaca and a drive down the Troodas Mountains

With its white sandy beaches you and your family are guaranteed an unforgettable experience. The sandy beaches of Cyprus are just as stunning as ever. If you want to make your beach honeymoon vacation even more special, a visit to one of the many cafes, restaurants and bars on the beachfront will not be enough. Try an afternoon stroll or a trip on the motorboat riding along the coast. You can do all these things at any time of the year; however, peak season for beach activities is from June to October when the weather is warm and crystal clear.

The Larnaca Peninsula is located on the northern shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It has been a colony of the ancient Roman Empire since the 1st century AD. The remarkable historical monuments and museums in Larnaca make a great trip for those interested in archeology and history. During your journey you may take a trip to the Medieval castle of Bledrich, one of the most important castles that were destroyed in the 7th century.

As part of your holiday trip to Evrychou, you may decide to visit the nearby towns of Kavo and Blascikoe. These two towns are home to some amazing beaches and an interesting history. The beautiful sandy beaches of Kavo are lined by a small harbour that has now become a modern marina. Blascikoe is a former industrial town that is now an important tourist destination. Blascikoe’s sandy beaches are lined by idyllic resorts and a great deal of fishing takes place in the surrounding sea.

The island of Cyprus is known for many things including its hospitality and beaches. When taking a holiday to Cyprus, you will find that there is no shortage of accommodation on the island of Cyprus. Many hotels and apartments are available on Cyprus and the cost of renting an apartment or villa can be very reasonable.

One of the major attractions of the island of Cyprus is the historical city of Xantourim. The ancient port of Acropolis on the island of Cyprus is a major tourist attraction. The Xantourim archaeological museum is also an excellent way to learn about the early history of Cyprus. Many of the artifacts found on the island of Cyprus to date back many centuries. There are many places to eat while on a trip to Evrychou.