A Trip to Mandria Makes For Relaxing Holidays

If you are in the mood for an inexpensive getaway, a trip to Mandria could be just the ticket. Located on Cyprus’ Mount Troodos, the village of Mandria is a truly picturesque spot that is known for its scenic mountain views and lush greenery. While on holiday in this lovely location, you will be able to enjoy delicious Mediterranean food and a more relaxed vacation than would be possible in more mainstream resorts. For a more authentic experience, consider staying in one of Cyprus’ authentic holiday apartments.

Trip to Mandria

The typical cost of a 7 day trip to Mandria consists of airfare, cab fare, car rental, day trip and hotel accommodation. Mandria villas range in price from $ Hitmanlar Kipinos to more than $250 per night, with some holiday rentals costing much more than that. When comparing the prices of airfare, car rental, and accommodations, it is important to compare daily expenses. It would be pointless to book a luxurious vacation rental in one town only to spend most of your time commuting back and forth to the capital every day. It would be much more economical to include these costs in the overall cost of the trip.

In addition to considering how much it would cost to fly to and from the resort, it would also be wise to consider additional expenses relating to car rentals and other road trips. When adding up the total of all daily expenses for a seven-day vacation in mandria, it is clear that a vacation rental in the area will significantly reduce the cost of the trip. Cyprus travel insurance should be taken on top of any other cover plan as a way of reducing your expenses when taking trips like this. Many of the flights to and from the island of Cyprus are scheduled on a direct basis with direct flights from the UK and/or Germany offering great deals. The same can be said for car hire services.

If you want to take advantage of holiday rentals in the area, you will need to make the rounds of different holiday rentals situated around the resort. While this may seem like a tedious task, it will definitely be worth your while. If you are planning to visit for holiday purposes only, there is no harm in sticking to hotels or even just staying in your Cyprus residence. If you are thinking of visiting with your family or friends, you will have to make sure that you arrange for accommodation elsewhere. This can make the trip considerably cheaper.

For those travelling on a budget, you can still enjoy a good stay in the resort by making use of car hire services. This can drastically cut the costs associated with airfare and cab fares. Even if the weather is bad on the day you are departing for your trip, you can always drive the car on your own. Car hire in Cyprus is readily available and cheap. Just enquire about prices and terms before renting the vehicle.

When you finally reach your destination, you will have to get yourself sorted out. You will find plenty of restaurants and bars around Mandia offering delicious meals and drinks at incredibly low rates. A trip to Mandria for holiday rentals makes all the arrangements that have to be made for such an exotic holiday. You may find that you want to return to Cyprus soon after spending such an exotic trip.